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SheepOrama / SheepOrama - PREMIUM Edition - iOS / Android - HD Gameplay Trailer

Introduction to Sheeporama!

SheepOrama - Funny and addictive Android strategy game on Google Play

Be the farm hero and save all the sheep from bad wolves in this awesome free to play brain teaser puzzler app with over 450 free to play levels!

In this new updated game version you now can play 3 levels in every category completely for free. You then can decide to watch video ads or image ads to unlock the next two levels for each category for the day. Or you can use one InApp-Purchase to remove all ads and unlock all 450 levels at once forever. Please keep in mind we are a small indie developer studio and by using ads in this game we can let you play it completely for free. Please consider this in rating the game in the store! We appreciate your help! Thank you!

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HOW TO PLAY: Just draw a fence around your flock so the sheep are inside and the wolves are outside. Sounds easy? Try the free freemium puzzle game for yourself and see if you can master the game and beat the high-scores of your friends.

Game Features:

✔ Over 450 sweet and FREE levels are waiting for you!
✔ Funny and addictive puzzle adventures!
✔ Contains a 'ZEN' just for fun mode and a 'WOLF' mode for players who have seen it all!
✔ Great stunning HD graphics and animations!
✔ Great for all players ages 5 to 99! Everyone can play!
✔ Compare your high-score with your friends!

You can play 'SheepOrama' entirely for free, though various items are available via in-app purchase. If you don't want to use in-app purchases, please deactivate them in your device settings!

'SheepOrama' is the new, fresh and exciting freemium puzzler for all ages. Easy to play, but really tricky to master. Once started you can't put it down. The addictive levels will keep you playing until you have finished them all.

More about the puzzle brain teaser animal game:
You are a farmer on your sheep farm and you have to protect your sheep by building a fence around your flock. With a protecting fence built in time your animals are save from hungry wolves who are always lurking to strike.

SheepOrama is the perfect family brain teaser game! It has a competitive gameplay which let you compare your high-score to your friends results. The idea behind the game is something new. Players of match 3 and similar games will instantly love it.

Please note:
For playing higher puzzle levels on a small display (like phones) device we recommend using a stylus pen!

SheepOrama is a game for all ages. It is tricky to master with really great levels and a funny soundtrack. The perfect game for short and long sessions. Arcade mode or Action time mode... you choose. The farm animals will love you for saving them through fast reactions and quick thinking. Train your brain playing. What else do you need!? Clouds on the sky... start playing! Sun shining... start playing! It is that addictive!

And with a game about sheep you are always a winner! Remember this! :)

Thank you for playing 'SheepOrama' the new animal brain teaser puzzler!

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PLEASE NOTE: This update contains 3 free to play levels for each category. To unlock more free levels you can watch ads or you can use one InApp-Purchase to unlock everything at once and remove the ads. Ads are the only option for us as a small indie developer team to let you play the game for free with some time investment. Please consider this in your rating for the game. Thank you for your support!
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